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The KMR Brands is a German national media, advertising, and marketing conglomerate corporation headquartered in Berlin, Germany, in the heart of Kurfürstendamm. The KMR Brands business encompasses many aspects of the media and advertising market. Currently, it oversees K Produktions, PROMOxBEAST, trink4free® and Binge It.

Our Brands


Our brands across Germany are on a national mission to make a difference.

It's been our goal - and part of our business - for over a couple years.

K Produktions

K Produktions

Media Production

Music distribution, marketing, management, cinematography, photography, graphic design, websites, events coverage, production services and more…



Bottled Water Supplier

A platform that uses Natural Mineral and Spring Water bottled in FSC-certified cartons and recycled aluminium bottles as a new type of promotional tool.



Influencer Marketing

Specialized in influencer and social media marketing. We also manage our own influencers in artist management.

Binge It

Binge It

Content Creation

It’s remarkable where simple, small questions can lead us. Digital storytellers that bring real people together for unscripted moments that are often hilarious and always interesting.

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