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We are The KMR Brands

Discover a New Era of Business Success: Innovation and Excellence in Every Solution

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The KMR Brands is a European media, advertising, and marketing conglomerate headquartered in Berlin. The company operates in numerous market segments and offers a wide range of services to clients from various industries. The portfolio of The KMR Brands includes brands such as DieBoosters, K Produktions, trink4free®, Binge It, and more. Through a diverse range of services and a commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction, The KMR Brands has become one of the leading companies in the media, advertising, and marketing industry.

Company Timeline

Big things have small beginnings. Here is a slice of our story.

Dec. 2018

Studio K Production (SKP) gets formed in Beirut

K Produktions

Dec. 2019

SKP moves to Berlin and rebrands to K Produktions

K Produktions 2021

Nov. 2021

K Produktions presents the new brand identity

JEiN Records

Nov. 2021

K Produktions introduces JEiN Records


Jul. 2022

trink4free® gets formed and registered as a german brand

Binge It

Sep. 2022

Binge It gets founded and developed


Oct. 2022

PROMOxBEAST becomes part of the brands family and gets rebranded

The KMR Brands PP.png

Oct. 2022

The KMR Brands gets established and adopts the brands

Behind The KMR Brands

The Dynamic Trio

With their high level of professionalism and their tireless dedication, Kasem, Lamis and Gianni are an unbeatable trio who repeatedly develop innovative solutions and successfully implement them. They always rely on creativity, expertise, and the latest technologies to provide their clients with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Kasem M. Raad 2023 Headshot

Kasem M. Raad

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Kasem, the founder, CEO and owner of The KMR Brands, is a versatile entrepreneur, media producer, director, and model. With his broad experience and passion for the industry, he has built a national corporation that leads successful brands such as DieBoosters, K Produktions, trink4free®, Binge It, and more.


Lamis Hafiz

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Lamis has roots in Morocco, Sudan, and Germany. She has loved photography and video editing since childhood. Later on, her passion developed into a deep interest in media and film. As an Executive Administrator at The KMR Brands, she brings creativity and imagination into daily operations and contributes significantly to the company's success.


Gianni Marasco

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Gianni, as the Chief Sales Officer at The KMR Brands, brings exceptional skills and strategic thinking to drive growth and revenue. With his entrepreneurial experience, Gianni founded PROMOxBEAST, an influencer marketing agency that merged with The KMR Brands, expanding the expertise in this field.

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