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Kasem M. Raad

Kasem M. Raad ( /kɑːsɛm/, born June 17, 2003 in Beirut, Lebanon) is an entrepreneur, producer, director, and model. He is the founder and owner of The KMR Brands, a national conglomerate group that oversees a diverse portfolio of brands in the media, marketing, design, and other related industries. Under The KMR Brands umbrella, Kasem manages subsidiaries such as DieBoosters, K Produktions, trink4free®, Binge It, and more. His ability to create and lead successful businesses in multiple industries is a testament to his exceptional business acumen and vision.

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Kasem M. Raad 2023 Headshot

Earlier Life

Kasem was born in Beirut, Lebanon on June 17, 2003. He’s the son of the calligraphy artist and Set Decorator Mohamad I. Raad. He was raised in Hadath neighborhood. He was schooled in 2 different private schools, according to the Lebanese Education System, he was Pre-Schooled in one of Al-Mustafa Schools, and Basic educated both two elementary and intermediate levels in Khomeini Educational Complex - Hadath. After Kasem succeeded in the National Exam (Grade 9 Brevet) he decided to skip Secondary Education to study his passion in Media Production so he completed in the Tertiary Education System BT (Technical Baccalaureate) Graphic Design Major in one of Al-Massar Institutes in Beirut. And in 2019, he moved to Berlin, Germany to do the Media Ausbildung. 

Personal Life

His childhood was a little bit tough because he was being ridiculed in school for his different interests from other guys as well as for not being interested in sports classes and sitting alone instead. Kasem overcame all the ridiculing that he was exposed to, by ignoring and not giving any importance to the school folks. In addition to his father’s death in 2017 when Kasem was 15 and a half years old.


At the period of Kasem’s intermediate level education in school, he started creating Visual Presentations (PowerPoint, etc…) for his classes and he discovered that he was enjoying creating and presenting those stuff. So he started freelancing at the age of 14 to develop himself.

Kasem wanted to gain experience while he was freelancing and studying at the same time,  so he volunteered at MTV Lebanon, OTV, and While he was developing his passion he gained attention from Public Figures around him so they started to invite him to events in Filmmaking & Media industry. As he worked at Rammal Design Institute as a Photoshop and Editing teacher for people older than him. In addition to creating his own podcast (Kasem Lab) which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Play Music.

In 2018 Kasem wanted to have his own Team/Company so he started improving his equipment and gathering people around his age who have the same interests and he created SKP-Studio K Production which is known today as K Produktions. When he moved to Berlin he completed with K Produktions in Lebanon as he also gathered

people with the same interests and made a team in Berlin.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kasem was not able to pursue his planned media education, so it was a challenge for him to establish himself in the industry on his own. However, with his commitment and passion for working in the media and marketing industry, he managed to start and lead his own company.

With The KMR Brands, he has now united a variety of brands in the areas of media, marketing, design and more under one roof. This allows him to create synergies and support his customers with comprehensive solutions.

In those years Kasem was a part of several Festivals in Lebanon, Italy, and Germany as: 

 -The Lebanese Festival of Cinema and Television,

-Baalbeck’s International Film Festival,

-Giffoni Experience,

-InterFilm Berlin,

-KUKI Festival,

-Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival,

and counting…

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